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Secure your business over the festive period

Secure your business over the festive period

For many organisations during the Christmas period and through to New Year celebrations, operations begin to slow down or come to a stop, leaving premises unattended which allow for an increase in vulnerability.

So how can I help to secure my business during this time?

An investment in an effective security system is a must for every business, if you already have systems in place e.g. an intruder alarm or CCTV system, then why not have this monitored around the clock? Our NSI Gold Accredited on-site monitoring station operates 365 days a year and our dedicated SIA-licenced operators provide the highest level of care, adapting to alerts with an effective response, reviewing and taking immediate action upon alarm and camera activations.

For sites with no security system in place we can also immediately deploy CCTV towers which are monitored by our monitoring station. These are available for hire and delivered to any site in the UK.

In the lead up to the Christmas period, ensure that your alarm system is in full working order. If you require any additions, service or repair we have an experienced team of fire and security engineers based throughout the UK who will be able to make certain that this is working. As an NSI Gold accredited company we provide a same day response and offer flexible maintenance and monitoring packages.

In addition to checking all security systems are performing, check that expensive equipment is locked away, all internal doors are close, lock all windows and doors, turn off or unplug electrical equipment, do not leave anything on visible display. Should you already have your systems monitored, check that the keyholder priority list is correct.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team regarding a new security or fire system installation or the maintenance and monitoring of an existing system then please get in touch with us on 0345 23 098 23 or email

Published: 20.12.2020


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