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Security Lighting

Security Lighting

At Crime Prevention Services we design, install, commission, and maintain all types of Security Lighting Systems in compliance with British Standards.

Our fire and security team are experts in creating bespoke solutions for warehouses, offices, residential property developments and specialist areas and buildings. We can advise on the most effective system for your security requirements and can integrate your security lighting system with other systems including intruder alarms, access control, CCTV, barriers, and fire detection.

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Importance of Professional Security Lighting Installation

A well-planned installation can make your home welcoming to invited guests whilst deterring unwanted visitors. Ensure the success and effectiveness of your security lighting system by relying on professional installation services.

Here's why it matters:

Our experienced team possesses extensive expertise in commercial lighting installation, as well as fire and security systems installations. With our deep understanding of these systems, we can accurately assess your properties unique security needs. We know the correct placement, spacing and angles required to maximise visibility and deterrence.

Different Types of Security Lighting Systems

At Crime Prevention Services, we offer various types of security lighting systems to cater to the specific needs of your business:

Floodlights: Our floodlights provide comprehensive coverage of large areas, enhancing visibility and discouraging potential threats. These powerful lights significantly contribute to the deterrence of criminal activity and ensure a well-lit environment.

‍Motion Sensor Lights: Our motion sensor lights are smart, energy-efficient solutions that activate upon detecting movement. By only activating when needed, they save energy while providing increased visibility.

LED Security Lights: LED lights are known for their energy efficiency and durability. With LED security lighting, you can reduce operational costs while enjoying consistent, bright illumination. These lights are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance.

Solar-Powered Lights: For eco-conscious businesses, our solar-powered lights are an ideal choice. By harnessing the power of the sun, these lights charge during the day and automatically illuminate at night, eliminating the need for electricity. They are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to install, making them perfect for areas with limited power access.

Our team will advise you on the best solution which is right for your property which can include integrated infra-red motion sensor, PIR security lights which are activated when motion is detected.

security lighting

Security lighting offers bright and far-reaching exterior light to illuminate your business, carpark, driveway or path. We offer a variety of LED security lights to help keep your business or home secure.

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Our service department provides regular maintenance and testing of systems to ensure functionality is maintained and can install systems to complement your current fire-safety procedures and security systems. We can also offer a maintenance package in relation to the takeover of your existing systems.

Our industry professional team of fire and security experts are on hand to discuss and advise you on the most effective system for you. Why not book a free survey today or contact us on 0345 23 098 23.

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