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Fire Safety for care homes

Fire Safety for care homes

At Crime Prevention Services, we provide expert advice for the installation, maintenance, monitoring and ongoing support of fire systems and extinguishers for the care sector.

Due to the nature of this business, it can be more challenging to assist vulnerable patients in the event of a fire. Therefore, having the correct fire safety protocols, detection and systems in place is crucial.

Steps to ensuring you are fire compliant

  • Fire Risk Assessment
    All care homes must have a fire risk assessment by law, this will form the outline of all fire safety plans, identifying the fire protection and prevention measures to keep your home, residents, staff and visitors safe.
  • L1 Fire Alarm
    All care homes need to have an L1 fire alarm system installed, which is maintained twice a year by an experienced and qualified fire safety engineer. The fire alarm also needs to be tested weekly to make sure that it is performing effectively.

  • Fire Extinguishers
    All care homes require the appropriate extinguishers positioned in the right locations to tackle different types of fire. These extinguishers need to be serviced annually and replaced when required.

  • Fire Safety Training
    At a care home there will be a responsible person, usually the care home manager who is responsible for making sure that all staff receive the required a level of training and knowledge relating to fire evacuation strategy, emergency planning and the safe protocol for residents in the event of a fire.

  • Monitoring of a fire alarm
    Our on-site NSI Gold accredited monitoring station, monitors the fire alarm systems and other security systems active at care facilities across the UK. This provides extra protection and an immediate response to alerts when required

If you are looking for the bespoke design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of your security and fire systems, or require a fire risk assessment, then please contact the team on 0345 2309823 or email

Published: 01.06.2021


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