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The Benefits of having Plants in our Office

The Benefits of having Plants in our Office

We consider CPS HQ as a second home for our employees and with this, in mind, their mental health and well-being is of high priority. We feel it’s important that the space we provide is optimised for both comfort and productivity. That includes some lively vegetation throughout the office that not only looks visually appealing but also provides excellent health benefits!

We’d like to take you on a tour of the plants that currently reside within the CPS office, and give you a little bit of insight into their benefits.

The Peace Lily

Not only is the Peace Lily a sign of prosperity and peace, it also has air purifying qualities which are perfect for any office environment. Their dense green foliage and occasional white ‘flower’ (which is actually a specialised leaf) are visually striking and they’re perfect for the office. Even the least green-fingered team members could see the Peace Lily thrive, due to it’s love of shaded environments and infrequent requirement for watering.

Green Ficus

The Ficus is a powerhouse when it comes to the environment. In fact, NASA have determined that this plant can purify the air so well that the oxygen quality would be acceptable for space crafts.

They remove formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene from the air more efficiently than most mechanical air purifiers. By removing these chemicals from the air, you will begin to feel less tired, have fewer headaches and have more energy, and as your plant grows the more efficient it gets - only improving your health further.

As well as all of these purifying qualities the Ficus is proven to improve productivity, and reduce pollen in the air, making them great for hayfever sufferers!

The Large Monstera Swiss Cheese Plant

Big and bold, the Monsetera Swiss Cheese Plant is more than just a decorative item, it also has an incredible ability to create humidity in the air, as well as purify the air around it. As a speedy grower, the leaves become larger than life very quickly making it a great spectacle.

This wonderful plant also traps dust in the air and promotes feelings of calmness and happiness.

Variegated Spider Plant

The Spider plant is often placed in hospital rooms for patients who are recovering from surgery as many pieces of research suggest that the speed of the healing process is accelerated when they are present. But, that’s not all. The patients require less pain medication, do not suffer from blood pressure or heart rate issues, experience less anxiety or depression and are released from the hospital sooner.

Like the Monstera Swiss Cheese Plant, the Spider plant also promotes productivity and concentration by increasing humidity in the air.

Dracaena Plant

Informally known as the ‘Dragon Plant’, the Dracaena Plant has many benefits including increasing concentration and creating a calming atmosphere through its unrivaled air purifying qualities. The Dragon Plant is known for being the most effective purifying house plant available as well as being simple and easy to care for!

Published: 29.11.2022


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