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Contactless Access Control Systems For Your Home Or Business

Contactless Access Control Systems For Your Home Or Business

At Crime Prevention Services we are continuously seeking new ways through technology to make our clients security and fire systems more effective.

At a time where hygiene and social distancing is of upmost importance, we are now able to offer contactless access control panels which can be installed either standalone, or connected to an existing device for your home or business.

Benefits of using a touch free access control system:

Infra Red Hands-Free Request to Exit

Enables hands-free request to exit from an access-controlled door.

Cost-effective Solution for Hands-Free Request to Exit

Allowing authorised access without the need to physically open the door by touching the device.

Infra Red detection

Allows to activate the switch with just a hand being in close proximity, without needing to make contact with the device. Ideal for high traffic locations.

If you are wanting to discuss the installation or integration of this system at your home or business, then please contact us directly on 0345 23 098 23 or book a free survey.

Published: 24.06.2020


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