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20 Years of Richard Orr

At just 16 years of age, Richard walked through our doors and hasn’t left! Not only have we seen him grow from a (very) fresh-faced teenager into the (still fresh-faced) man he is today, we’ve had the privilege of watching him reach so many professional milestones that he’s now our Technical Director!

We sat down with Richard to get some insight into his career with us here at Crime Prevention Services and share what’s made his journey with us so special, from his biggest achievements to his biggest hangover, and everything in between.

What drew you to apply to work for Crime Prevention Services and what was your first role within the company?

At the time I was in Deeside College undertaking an NVQ in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. I was always drawn to and found the Electrical side of the industry interesting so once I had finished college I applied for a job as a trainee engineer at CPS and was interviewed by Dave Evans, who has been with CPS for 40 years.

Do you remember your first day and can you describe it?

Yes, I do remember my first day. I was Rob Davies’ trainee - Rob has been with CPS for over 20 years, and we spent our day on service undertaking routine inspections and faults and we ended up working late as we had to attend an emergency call out in Morecambe Bay and I didn’t get home until 10pm – (think this was a premonition haha!).

How has your job changed over 20 years?

My job has changed drastically over the years, as I went from being on site installing and commissioning security and fire systems to now being mainly office based and undertaking the NSI audits and interacting and supporting with customers, engineers the office staff every day. I still like to get out on site when I can – visiting rather than on the tools though!

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

I would say that my biggest accomplishment has been working my way up in a company since I was 16 years old and still now, continuing to learn as much as possible.

What’s your favourite part about being the Technical Director for Crime Prevention Services?

Every day is different with a new challenge, and I love how fast paced and reactive the job is. The team is like one big family – and our staff parties are the best, well not the hangovers!

A word from our MD:

Richard doesn’t simply hold down one role for the team at CPS, his passion and drive throughout his 20 years is why he has now achieved this post.

Every single member of the team interacts with Richard during the working week, I think this says everything about his role within our family.

All successful teams need a “Rich Orr”. I always call and refer to him as “Rich Orr” even though he much prefers Richard!”

- Karen Farrell, Managing Director

We’re so proud to call Richard our Technical Director, and his role is absolutely crucial to business. Without him, we would be lost. So, here’s a huge thank you and congratulations from us all.

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Published: 16.08.2022


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