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Huws Gray

Huws Gray stands as a prominent multisite contractor and ranks as the United Kingdom's second-largest builders’ merchants.

Huws Gray's Comprehensive Security System Implementation with Maintenance and Remote Monitoring


Huws Gray stands as a prominent multisite contractor and ranks as the United Kingdom's second-largest builders’ merchants. Across the UK we have installed new fire and security systems, provided upgrades and full modernisations of pre-existing systems to 103 of Huws Grey sites and our portfolio continues to grow. Huws Gray faced a significant challenge in ensuring the safety and security of its valuable assets across multiple branches and storage facilities.

The problem

Huws Gray operates numerous branches and storage facilities across the UK, each containing valuable inventory, machinery and equipment. The company faced several security-related concerns:

  • Risk of Theft: Multiple branches had experienced theft incidents, resulting in the loss of high-value items and financial setbacks.
  • Safety Concerns: Employee safety was a top priority, and the company sought a solution to mitigate potential threats or intrusions.
  • Asset Protection: Protecting valuable assets, including construction materials and machinery, was crucial for minimizing losses and maintaining operations.
  • Monitoring Challenges: Limited visibility and control over security across multiple locations presented logistical difficulties.

The solution

To address these concerns, Huws Gray partnered with Crime prevention Services to design and implement a comprehensive security system with a maintenance program and remote monitoring capabilities. The solution comprised the following components:

  • CCTV Systems: High-quality closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras were strategically installed throughout each branch and storage facility to provide 24/7 video surveillance.
  • Intruder Alarms: State-of-the-art intruder alarm systems were integrated to detect and deter unauthorized access.
  • Maintenance Service Program: A proactive maintenance program was established to ensure the uninterrupted functionality of all security components, including regular inspections, repairs, and updates.
  • Remote Monitoring: A central security operations centre was set up to remotely monitor all locations in real-time, enabling immediate response to security threats.

Alongside installing various systems, we have embarked on several additional projects for this customer, such as the swapping out of all signalling devices so Huws Gray do not have the need for traditional PSTN lines and standard broadband lines. Many of Huws Grey sites are moving enabling 4G access for all communicators- CCTV and Intruder alarm. The advantage to this is that it reduces both demand and risk to Huws Grey IT infrastructure.

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The Result

  • Reduced Theft Incidents: With the installation of CCTV cameras and intruder alarms, theft incidents decreased significantly, safeguarding valuable assets and reducing financial losses.
  • Enhanced Employee Safety: Employees reported increased feelings of safety and security, fostering a more comfortable and productive work environment.
  • Protected Assets: The security system effectively deterred potential intruders, safeguarding valuable inventory and equipment.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Remote monitoring allowed for swift response to security incidents, minimizing potential damage or losses.
  • Cost Savings: By preventing theft and minimizing operational disruptions, Huws Grey realized cost savings that outweighed the initial investment in the security system.

“As we have grown through acquisition, Huws Gray have looked to transfer all our security requirements over to Crime Prevention Services. We believe that their installation, monitoring and maintenance service level far exceeds that provided by their competitors and we feel far more secure with Crime Prevention Services than with any other company that we have dealt with over the last 24 years of trading. We have no hesitation in recommending them as a company that provide an excellent, secure and professional service.”

Huws Gray
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