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DropWorks Distillery

DropWorks Distillery

DropWorks Distillery are a rum manufacturer. Every drop of their rum is made at the DropWorks Distillery, nestled in Nottinghamshire.

DropWorks bring in the finest molasses, ferment it with their own cultivated trinity yeast strain, distill it on their bespoke stills, then blend and mature it in their own barrels across 3 unique ageing locations.

Introduction: Meet DropWorks, an Award-Winning Distillery in Nottinghamshire

In an increasingly uncertain world, the need for effective security and fire systems has never been more critical. DropWorks, a distillery that takes pride in its product and team, found itself in a situation where its existing security and fire systems fell short of meeting their requirements. They sought a comprehensive solution that would not only safeguard their premises and products but also ensure the well-being of their valued team members. Recognising the gravity of the situation, DropWorks turned to us here at Crime Prevention Services, as one of the UK's leading providers of security and fire solutions. In this Case Study, we delve into the challenges DropWorks faced, the innovative solution provided by Crime Prevention Services, and the transformative impact it had on DropWorks' security infrastructure.

The Challenge: Inadequate Security and Fire Systems

DropWorks' existing security and fire systems proved inadequate in the face of evolving threats and risks. The distillery's management realised the pressing need for an upgrade, one that would offer more robust protection against criminal activity and fire hazards. Their existing systems were not equipped to provide the level of security and fire protection necessary to safeguard their assets and, more importantly, their dedicated team.

The Solution: A Holistic Approach to Security and Fire Protection

Recognising the urgency of the situation, DropWorks turned to us at Crime Prevention Services. The solution offered by us was comprehensive, addressing both security and fire protection needs.

Fire Protection: To address the critical issue of fire risk, Crime Prevention Services installed a category L1 fire alarm system at DropWorks' facility. This system represents the highest level of life protection and includes a combination of manual and automatic call points strategically placed throughout the premises. Moreover, the installation featured an extensive selection of detectors placed in all areas of the warehouse where a fire could potentially originate. This approach ensured that any sign of fire would be detected promptly, enabling swift response and reducing the risk of catastrophic damage.

Security Measures: In addition to the fire alarm system, DropWorks also opted for a grade 3 intruder alarm and standalone CCTV. These security measures were designed with one clear goal in mind – to deter, detect, and respond to any unauthorised access, burglary, or attack. By deploying these advanced security technologies, DropWorks significantly enhanced its ability to protect its assets and team members.

Centralised Monitoring: For maximum protection, DropWorks enlisted the services of Crime Prevention Services' in-house alarm receiving centre (ARC). This decision added an extra layer of security, as their premises and products would be monitored round-the-clock by a team of dedicated professionals. The ARC team's vigilant oversight ensures that any potential threats are identified and responded to promptly, providing peace of mind to DropWorks' management and team members.

The Result: State-of-the-Art Security and Fire Systems

The transformation achieved at DropWorks was nothing short of remarkable. Following an initial consultation with Crime Prevention Services' Business Development Manager, Ioan Minshull, and a remarkably swift installation process undertaken by two experienced Service Engineers, DropWorks now boasts a state-of-the-art security and fire system that sets the standard for protection in the distillery industry.

With the new fire alarm system in place, DropWorks is fortified against the devastating consequences of fire outbreaks. The combination of manual and automatic call points, along with an array of detectors, ensures that any fire threat is detected early, enabling rapid response to mitigate potential damage. This level of fire protection not only safeguards their products but also underscores DropWorks' commitment to the safety of its team members.

On the security front, DropWorks' choice to install a grade 3 intruder alarm and standalone CCTV has proven to be a wise one. These security measures serve as formidable deterrents against would-be burglars and attackers, while also providing valuable evidence in the event of an incident. The installation of these technologies has created a secure environment that allows DropWorks' team members to work with confidence and peace of mind.

Moreover, the inclusion of Crime Prevention Services' in-house alarm receiving centre adds an extra layer of vigilance to DropWorks' security infrastructure. With 24/7 monitoring, any potential threats are instantly identified, and the appropriate actions are taken promptly. This level of proactive monitoring significantly enhances DropWorks' ability to protect its assets and team members.


The journey undertaken by DropWorks in enhancing its security and fire systems serves as a shining example of proactive risk management and investment in the safety and well-being of both assets and team members. Thanks to the comprehensive solution provided by Crime Prevention Services, DropWorks now possesses state-of-the-art security and fire systems that offer unparalleled protection.

In an ever-changing world where security threats and fire risks are ever-present, DropWorks' commitment to ensuring the safety of its premises, products, and team members is commendable. With the installation of a category L1 fire alarm system, grade 3 intruder alarm, standalone CCTV, and the vigilant monitoring of Crime Prevention Services' alarm receiving centre, DropWorks has taken a giant leap forward in safeguarding its future.

In conclusion, the success story of DropWorks underscores the importance of proactive security measures and the transformative impact they can have on businesses. By partnering with the right security solutions provider, companies can protect their assets, ensure the safety of their team members, and lay a strong foundation for future growth and success. DropWorks has shown that when it comes to security and fire protection, investing in quality and reliability is an investment in the future.

I was blown away by CPS. At DropWorks we are all about Rum and bringing joy to people's lives. Having to install something as intimidating and as serious as our Security and Fire safety systems meant that we needed to outsource professional help. We were under serious time pressures and CPS not only delivered a phenomenal system with their professional and friendly team but they did so in a very short timeframe. I would highly recommend them to any business wanting the best security products and service.

Luke Hayes
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